The Platinum card from American express offers best benefits to their customers. Amex is giving away 50,000 points after you spend $4,000 in the first three months. Selected Amex customers are eligible for 100,000 point bonus based on their credit history. Benefits of having American Express Platinum card are, you get points on each of the transactions you make on your credit card. Those points can be used to pay bills through either Phonepe or Paytm. There are few things that you should take benefits as soon as your new card arrives in your mail.

  • Claim Your Annual $200 Airline and Uber Fee Credits

One of perks of having an American Platinum card is, they offer you $200 airline fee credit for one particular airline. Since you are already having $200, you can use it twice during first year as you are a new member. So, you get back $400 in the first year. These credit points can be used toward checked bag fees, airline lounge passes, and much more. Well, you cannot use these points towards purchasing of air tickets. You can also add this card to your Uber account to avail rewards on your rides.

  • Request Status from Hilton and Marriott

You have to manually get in touch with Hilton Honors and Marriott to get the benefits of Gold status. But, you can get your Hilton Honors Gold by enrolling on American Express website.

  • Get You Car Rental Program Elite Status

Once you enroll in American Express website, In addition to Gold Elite Marriott and Gold Hilton Honors status, you will also get special access to car rental programs. You can also enjoy benefit of National Car rental Emerald club executive status.

  • Register for Free Boingo Wi-Fi

You are restricted from using Wi-Fi at the airport, because you need to pay for it. With your American Express Platinum card, you can get flattering access to Boingo American Express plan, which provides unlimited access to Wi-Fi services up to four devices per month.

  • Book 5-star Hotels through Amex FHR

The Amex fine hotels and resorts program allows you to access elite-like benefits at top restaurants. The benefits include room upgrade, noon-check in, complementary Wi-Fi, guaranteed 4pm late checkout. Well, these perks are available on Business platinum card from American Express.

  • Carry Your Card When You Travel

It is always better to carry your Amex card when you are travelling. It is supposed to be one of the Premium Cards, which gives you valuable benefits. You will get access to Centurion Lounges, Delta Sky Clubs, which are supposed to one of a kind.

  • Referral Credits

You earn credit points on each referral that you make among your colleagues.

An advantage of having an Amex card as it is one of the platinum cards to bank upon. It is a travel credit card suited for the business traveller, as the business card gives the users over 5000-reward point as a bonus on joining. Few of the top features of the business card is that gives 2.5 points for every 100INR. Spent. A user can earn 5x times more on spends for domestic flight and 25 points for every 100 INR on the platinum card. Moreover, you can win free GoAir flight tickets If, you were to spend INR 1.9lakh in a year and get free vouchers worth INR 10000 from the Taj Group on an annual spend of INR 4lakh. The card fee starts at INR 3,500, which is very low compared to the benefits.

Hope you liked reading our blog and found information about the benefits of having an American Express Platinum card. Stay connected to us for more!

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